• Artwork to come. In the meantime enjoy this photo of a cat post I made for my Gus.

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    Reblogging because this actually is a thing that should concern more people. 

    If bees go extinct we will ALL die. No question about it. We cannot live without them.

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    save da beez

    fun fact: bees are a “cornerstone” species, meaning if a cornerstone species goes extinct, it takes the entire ecosystem with it. If bees go extinct, a lot of flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables will go extinct with them, causing a massive food shortage worldwide that will kill millions.

    So yeah, save the bees. They are harmless and help keep the planet alive and literally help grow food.

    It’s art, and it’s a way to help save honeybee’s. We at Bee-Hive Studios give it a huge thumbs up. I personally can’t stand cilantro, so that will never grow in my gardens. However, I will happily plant many of the other plants this coming Spring.


  • Converting alley finds to art. Up-cycle for lyfe.

    My mixologist for starving artist wants to make purple nectar drinks so I’m experimenting with how it looks on my work. purple and yellow, pretty rad.

  • honey fountain and selfies. Working on starving artist installation “Home Sweet Honeycomb”

  • To learn about why making art about honeybees right now is so important, I highly recommend these documentaries.

    More than Honey is probably the most beautiful documentary I’ve ever seen I watch and re-watch it and Vanishing of the Bees is very informative and goes more in depth about colony collapse disorder.

    both of these movies are available now on Netflix instant