• Roommate, friend, and rock-star of a studio assistant, Mr.Matt Gayle.

    (at Autotelic Co-Op)

  • “he that will so demean himself as not to be endeavoring to add to the common stock of knowledge and understanding, may be deemed a drone in the hive of nature, a useless member of society”
    Thomas Smith Webb, The Freemason’s Monitor

  • Autotelic (home to my studio and a shared space with other amazing artists) is moving to a brand spanking new location. Andi Crist (the owner/director/art-mommy) is hosting a goodbye party for the old space in conjunction with 2nd Floor Rear, an annual 24 hour festival of alternative spaces. If you’ve yet to get acquainted with the Autotelic community this will be a great opportunity to do just that. Be there for art, friends, and craft beer provided by Ale Syndicate.

    For the Open Studio I will be exhibiting a new sculptural installation in Autotelic’s windows. “Honeycomb” is the first of a new series exploring technology in relation to nature. Driving this project is my search for symbolism, love of homonyms and desire to construct a relation of my world to a world of preexisting systems. 

  • Hellz yeah new art studio. Come visit I’m here all day (at Autotelic Co-Op)

  • SALON SERIES DINNER: Oct. 11th 7-10pm, featuring a special sustainable/foraged menu by Chef Johnny Clark, formerly of Bonsoiree. Tickets, here:

    SHOW DATES: Oct. 4th - Nov. 3rd, 2013

    Part of my Dwellings series, Nest is an exploration of the my own impulse to create or modify space while following direct parallels to instinctually created animal architecture.
    Following insects of the social Apocrita class (specifically hornets) in the way they form their own structure; I’m focusing on the initial stages of building community.

    Akin to the way a female hornet builds I’ve focused on an interior cell while also similarly making use of traditional craft practices passed on though my own culture.

    The Dwelling becomes a portrait of myself, a representation of my history, my gesture, my desire and fears.

    My installation will shown alongside Invasive Species, a solo show exhibition of work by artist Jenny Kendler

    With ‘Invasive Species,’ a solo show of new sculptural and drawing-based works at The Salon Series Projects, Kendler seeks to re-enchant human beings’ relationship with the natural world.

    1319 W. WILSON
    CHICAGO, IL 60640

    This Salon Series is also part of EdgeUp, a series of art events in Edgewater/Uptown, curated by Tricia Van Eyck for Chicago Artists’ Month. CAM tours will also be given for The Art Institute of Chicago on Oct. 8th & 10th

  • I’ve become a member to a hacker’s space in the city called Pumping Station: one. The facilities include tools for work in metal, wood, textiles, electronics and fabrication tools like a laser cutter and makerbot 3D printer.
    My interest in the knitting machine is what brought me to the space thanks to Jesse Seay. Jesse is a phenomenal sound artist that is currently exhibiting at the Hyde Park art center.

    Jesse three types of knitting machines she has been training me on;

    ·      One can do basic stitches anything really that can be done by hand and you adjust the pattern manually on each row.

    ·      The second machine has a punch card reader so if a card is inserted the pattern will change automatically to follow the card.

    ·      The third machine is the coolest and really one I know nothing about but would love to be fluent in. The machine is electronic and hacked to work with a computer and read off a program for its patterning. This thing really blows my mind and I have a lot in mind of using text on illustrator to create story banners (or general image blankets for holiday presents)

  • My new job is in a scale model fabrication company. We get hired on by architecture firms and museums to build replicas of existing, or not yet existing, structures.  It’s a pretty interesting job. I’ve been struggling a lot with the amount of precision required because it’s not a level of attention I have ever previously needed to bring to my own work.

  • Heads up

    So as of late I have not been posting because of my busy schedule and adjustment to graduation so I’m working on a small series of posts to narrate what I’ve been working on.

  • We need your letters!


    Friends! Terrain needs your participation in the next installation by
    JC Steinbrunner. While Madeleine Ivetta Primavera Bailey’s beautiful work is up until June 23, we will be collecting letters from you, yes, good old U.S. Postal Service mail, for J.C.’s upcoming show titled W/ dispatch. 

    Receiving a handwritten letter now elicits a faint surprise and the ease with which we can fire off emails and texts or to find information without citation is convenient and efficient, but of variable quality, and perhaps too slick by half. If you remove the hand, you remove the personal stake—that reflexive, tactile authenticity of thought and responsibility conveyed by the effort of writing.

    So J.C.’s project proposes you send a letter. Write a missive, a reflection, a plea or thank-you. Mail an object. Forward a family recipe. Pass down some information, tell your story. 

    And then send it to: 
    w/dispatch % Terrain Exhibitions/ Sabina Ott 
    704 Highland Ave. 
    Oak Park, IL 60304.image